Nasir Sobhani ist der Street’s Barber und ein waschechter Nomad. Am freien Tag der Woche gibt er Obdachlosen und anderen Bedürftigen kostenfrei einen neuen Haarschnitt – damit sie wieder stolz in den Spiegel blicken können. Er nennt seine Idee: “Clean Cut Clean Start”.

Sein Instagram Profil:

This is Vic. He is Ganesh’s (previous story) older brother. Due to his mental illness, getting to hear his story wasn’t the easiest. He just sat there with a half smile on his face for the most part. His brother Ganesh and I spoke about when and how the mental illness came about, and it was only within the last 10-15 years – and it’s suspected to be drug induced. Since then his brother Ganesh has been his official caretaker since Vic’s diagnosis, and does everything he can to make sure his older brother is ok. Vic was a very sweet man, and seemed so innocent. It’s sad to see such a beautiful soul being robbed of mental health from such meaningless substances. However, the most joyous part of our time together was when he got a chance to see his new do. Even though he didn’t say much, his smile when he looked at the mirror said a thousand words. #cleancutcleanstart #thestreetsbarberproject #thestreetsbarber

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